Can't live with 'em.

Can't sell books without 'em. 

Is that true?

Yes ... and no.

You MAY find some level of success organically and make sales as an indie author without ads.

But you're going to have a much harder time gaining traction and seeing the kind of sales you want without paid advertising.

The problem is ... ads are expensive.

ESPECIALLY if you don't know how to run successful ads.

OR if your book isn't ready for ads.

This course will help you learn to make MORE money and lose LESS money with paid advertising!

I want you to MAKE more money and find fulfillment doing what you love--WRITING--while earning a better income!

This self-led course is for you if:

  • You want to scale up your author income on your fiction books
  • You haven't seen the results you want from Facebook or Amazon ads
  • You haven't even tried Facebook or Amazon ads
  • You're overwhelmed with all the information out there
  • You like your trainings without a side of BS and maybe some Mean Girls gifs
"Within an hour or two of starting the course, I was up and running with my own ads. My revenue increased 80% within the first thirty days of starting my Facebook ads and has only continued to grow as the ads have improved." -Maggie M. Lily

"I've read a lot of books on ads and taken one mega-course, but no one made it as simple and clear as Kirsten.  I saw profit right away and have continued to make money on my ads ever since." -Andi Cumbo-Floyd

Why THIS course? 

There are lots of courses out there! (I've taken many!) I've distilled what I've learned, tried, and tested into a package that covers it all ... without being TOO MUCH. 

In addition to actual walkthrough tutorials in quick, easy-to-digest videos, you'll get longer workshops that address strategy and each ad platform as a whole. 

You'll learn what your book needs BEFORE you advertise to keep you from losing money, as well as how to troubleshoot if your ads aren't working.

The course has everything you need, but it is NOT overwhelming. You can pick and choose where to start, take it as you'd like, or get through all the information in a few days.

Real info. No BS. JUST what you need.


Lesson One: Before You Advertise
This video will help you make sure your book is ready BEFORE you drop (and potentially lose) money on ads.

Lesson Two: Writing to Market
This workshop helps you understand the concept of writing to market, something that's key to book sales.

Lesson Three: Writing to Market Walkthrough
This tutorial shows you my process of studying the market and helps you understand how to put the concepts into practice.

Lesson Four: Writing Blurbs & Ad Copy
Blurbs and ad copy can be the bane of an author's existence. They can also keep ads from performing. This workshop is a masterclass in ...well, mastering your blurbs and copy.

Lesson Five: Getting Started with Ads
Ads are overwhelming. Where do you START? This video will help you understand the pros and cons (plus the ins and outs) of Amazon ads, Facebook ads, and using email promo sites.

Lesson Six: Amazon Ads
This robust section includes multiple lessons, starting with a two-hour workshop that dispels common myths and helps you understand the Amazon ads platform.
You'll also learn:
  • how to set up the different kinds of ads quickly
  • how to track what's working 
  • how to troubleshoot various issues with your ads
  • how to make ads perform better
  • and more!

Lesson Seven: Facebook Ads
This massive section includes multiple lessons, staring with a two-hour workshop to understand all the moving parts of Facebook ads. You'll also learn:
  • how to set up your first ad simply
  • how to test and find the right kinds of audiences and images
  • how to tell if your ads are working 
  • how to identify what isn't working and make your ads perform better
  • and more!

Lesson Eight: FB Ad Case Study
This series a video from creation through a full week, evaluating performance, troubleshooting the blurb to create more sales, and learning how to test audiences and measure results.

Are you ready to level up? Let's do this!

Ads Extravaganza $299

  • A self-guided course packed full of trainings and tutorials
  • Membership in the private student community 

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